Revival of the famous Omachi rice of the Karube district, born in Bizen, Akaiwa,
former Karube village which had become relic of the past.
The challenge towards tradition and innovation.
These are the factors that make Sakehitosuji.


zizake_image_1020-1_アートボード 1 のコピー

Omachi-rice of the Karube District, the Phantom Rice

The quality of Japanese sake is determined by the quality of rice.

Omachi-rice is soft, large rice with large core, and takes in yeast well. It was said in the early Showa period that only the premium sake brewed from Omachi-rice can win high ranks in sake competitions.


Fermenation in Bizenyaki Oomika

Until the 15-16th century, when sake brewing in tubs started, sake was brewed in great jars called kame.

After having revived the phantom rice Omachi-rice of the Karube district, Toshimori SAKE Brewery next aimed to revive this brewing method of 500 years ago.

We use the exact same bizenyaki oomika (large jar) of Okayama prefecture as those used in the early times.